Animation by Gill Lewis, made for the FCBG conference

One of the highlights of this year’s FCBG conference was when Gill Lewis, author of Sky Hawk, White Dolphin, and Moon Bear, shared with us an animation she’d made specially for her talk. It’s about how Gill grew up hating books, but how life changed for her, thanks to one librarian who made all the difference.

Gill has very kindly shared the video with us and I do encourage you to watch it. To find out more about why Gill made her short film, and how her feelings towards books changed, don’t miss the latest post on her blog: Why I grew up hating Books! And why librarians matter!

This is my childhood memory of being force fed words by rote learning and how it put me off books, and how one librarian made a huge difference. We need to inspire kids to to read by sharing great stories and showing them the magic within books.” ~ Gill Lewis

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