Lincolnshire Children’s Book Group

Lincolnshire Children’s Book Group now have their own website which you can visit here.

Here are some pictures from recent events:


Lincs CBG says: “Korky Paul delighted primary school children in Lincolnshire over a two day trip, by visiting four schools and by holding an intimate evening event in a local library.        Korky drew the children into his imaginary world of amazing illustrations by creating new creatures whilst teaching the children how to draw and paint and he also read to them from one his fabulous ‘Winnie the Witch’, ‘Sir Scallywag‘ and ‘Professor Puffendorfs‘ books. Some of the children also got a sneak preview of the new ‘Winnie the Witch‘ animation series which is due for release on TV in the near future. Korky’s visit was a fun packed busy few days which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!”

Jonathan Stroud 2          Jonathan Stroud

WBD2    WBD1

Lincs CBG have recently held a number of successful events and to read more about them click here.
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The group also supported a highly successful Harry Potter Night at Bottesford Community Library in Leicestershire recently. The children made potions, duelled and did a Harry Potter quiz. They also ate Harry Potter cup cakes and cast spells on their Mums! Fun was had by all and it helped the library as it launched as a charity. For more visit the local Bottesford News Facebook page.