Brilliant non-fiction books – a DK giveaway worth over £100


aa0ad741b9af4f46a66ea69912adfacfAs part of National Non-Fiction November, DK has provided a fantastic bundle of non-fiction books you could win. Simply leave a comment on this blog post to be in with a chance of winning a copy of each of these books:


  • Picturepedia
  • What Happened When in the World
  • Strange but True!
  • Utterly Amazing Human Body
  • SuperShark
  • Knowledge Encyclopedia Space
  • How Machines Work

  • Giveaway details

  • The giveaway is only open to residents of UK/Eire. One winner will win the bundle of books described above.
  • To enter, please leave a comment on this blog post. To avoid spam, each blog post has to be moderated by a real live person, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. It will be moderated (and appear) withing 24 hours.
  • The giveaway is open FOR ONE WEEK ONLY ie until 5pm Saturday December 5
  • A winner will be randomly selected and the winner will be notified on the evening of December 5 by email. If the FCBG has not heard from the winner within one week to confirm their address for the books to be sent to, a winner will be re-drawn.
  • The winning bundle will be posted out to directly from the publishers, DK.

    141 responses to “Brilliant non-fiction books – a DK giveaway worth over £100”

    1. Dinah Butcher says:

      My daughter and I love sharing books togehter! She loves learning about history and the human body especially, she would love these!

    2. George Wright says:

      A fantastic collection of books!

    3. Natalie Crossan says:

      My daughter would love these xx

    4. Heather Jenkinson says:

      I love the way stories become favourites in families. We have the book, Faeries, By Brian Froud, which is a firm favourite and it brings such joy to our family!

    5. Helen Smith says:

      Great prize- my children have really started to show an interest in non fiction texts.

    6. Charlotte Jones says:

      What a fabulous selection of books! My daughter would love them 🙂

    7. Pete says:

      Best way of engaging reluctant readers – non-fiction on a topic they love 😉 !

    8. Stuart Dunlop says:

      My son ad daughter would to win these books. They look fab.

    9. Jenny Barker says:

      Kids would love these

    10. Emma says:

      These look great.

    11. Alison Barker says:

      Lovely prize.

    12. Alisa Moore says:

      Would love to win these

    13. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

      What an amaing prize my grandson would love this he adores books of all types and reads all the time

    14. Lydia Graham says:

      These would be perfect for my daughter who is home educated and her little sister who could use them for school work

    15. Patricia Avery says:

      My grandson has a learning delay and has problems with reading. This has put him off stories but he has a thirst for knowledge and sits for hours with his Dad looking at books like this asking endless questions about the pictures he sees. My son needs good quality info to be able to answer which is why I would love to win these books 🙂

    16. Mickie Bull says:

      I always preferred non-fiction, and so do my kids!

    17. matt allison says:

      Would love to win these for my 3 children, a real boon to liven up homework time and to encourage them to learn

    18. Alan says:

      My little man would love these to share with his best friend

    19. Maddy says:

      I bet Peter would love the machines book and I badly want to encourage his interest in books

    20. Dan Caldon says:

      My youngest niece wants to follow in my footsteps and become a science teacher. So this would be a wonderful addition to her collection

    21. Sallyanne Metcalfe-Mullins says:

      Fabulous bundle of books, Bertie would absolutely love the space one

    22. jennie says:

      Great books

    23. Jessica L says:

      Fantastic selection. I’d enjoy these, never mind my kids!

    24. Rahela says:

      My son is so curious about how and why everything is the way it is. These books would be so useful in explaining to him

    25. Sarah Parker says:

      my kids would love these books 🙂

    26. Suzy says:

      Never mind the children I would read these! I know which one my nephew would pick up straight away, Super Shark.

    27. Heidi Brown says:

      these look amazing!

    28. Gwen Thomas says:

      What a great selection of books. My children love non-fiction. Knowledge is power!

    29. They all look great. Shark Attack would go down very well at our house

    30. Barbara Handley says:

      I would love to be able to give these to my grandchildren.

    31. Mary-Ann Smith says:

      I used to love these kinds of books as a child and think they are still really interesting for kids

    32. Jenny Rogers says:

      A great selection of books – fabulous prize!

    33. Tim Millington says:

      Great prize! Keep up the good work guys

    34. Deborah Bird says:

      Brilliant, my son would love these books x

    35. Alison says:

      These look fab

    36. Lani Nash says:

      A lovely bundle of books

    37. Jade Hewlett says:

      These look like great books

    38. Stuart Rathe says:

      These would be incredible for refreshing my year 6 class library!

    39. Louise Blake says:

      As Literacy Leader at our Primary School, I am always on the search for great new books to inspire children to read. In particular engaging boys in books. This collection looks fantastic for our children. We would love to win them x

    40. Rebecca Townsend says:

      Such a fabulous collection of books!

    41. Kathleen Hooper says:

      wow count me in! my little boy would love these! x

    42. aaron broad says:

      These look fab, fingers crossed

    43. Paula Harvey says:

      Perfect for referring to when my inquisitive children ask a question im unsure about! 😀

    44. Helen Porter says:

      my boys would love these they look great!

    45. My son loves books, these would be great for him.

    46. Kristy Brown says:

      An absolutely fantastic choice of books

    47. claire haskins says:

      you can never have too many books! such an important learning material! im glad my 4 year old loves them

    48. richard scholfield says:

      Yes please

    49. Ben Audsley says:

      these books look great !

    50. Sam Goodwin says:

      Wow what a great prize! Perfect for my inquizative boys 🙂

    51. These would be great in our school library

    52. Rebecca Phillips says:

      oh wow, my little boy would adore these!

    53. jodie harvey says:

      wow my son would be over the moon to get these!

    54. Jenny Maidment says:

      A great selection of books

    55. Monica Gilbert says:

      I’d love these books for my daughter. She’s a bit young but will grow into them.

    56. Laura Kevlin says:

      Fantastic bundle of books, my daughter would love these!

    57. Gill Mitchell says:

      Wow these books look amazing. My son loves non fiction and fact books and finding about things. They might help to answer some of his many questions!

    58. Churchill Academy LRC says:

      It would be a great addition to our library!

    59. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

      Books are so much better for inspiring an interest than screens

    60. gemma brown says:

      i would love to win for my boys :o)

    61. Iain Ward says:

      Would be great to win for my nieces

    62. Janine Phillips says:

      These would be great for my grandchildren x

    63. Kay Panayi says:

      These books look great my children loves books and we have a great selection

    64. the whole family love DKbooks,they are amazing and cover so many topics

    65. fozia says:

      This would be amazing for my kids

    66. Emma says:

      My son would love these and read them all from cover to cover!

    67. elaine robinson says:

      My daughter would love these

    68. clair downham says:

      these look amazing books my son would love them especially the shark one

    69. These look great – my boys love non fiction

    70. Vicky S says:

      What a great selection of books to make learning interesting for children

    71. Val Hartley says:

      I have 4 grandchildren who visit us regularly & this would be perfect. fingers crossed.

    72. Wendy Becker says:

      Love to win this for our grandson

    73. Susie M says:

      Great selection. There are so many wonderful picture and story books out there but it’s so important for their learning to get children interested in non-fiction too.

    74. Stephen Temperton says:

      My youngest loves reading, these would be great for her.

    75. leanne weir says:

      I would love to win for my children

    76. KIRAN CHANNA says:

      This would be great for the little one 🙂

    77. Karen Lloyd says:

      What happened when in the world book is one my son would be very interested in.

    78. shell says:

      What a fantastic selection

    79. Andy Wedge says:

      Myson would love these; he’s a sponge absorbing knowledge and information at the moment

    80. Andrea Miles says:

      that looks like a great selection of books

    81. Richard Turner says:

      my children would love this selection of books.

    82. Niki Francis says:

      The students in my library would love these! They are the perfect selection of books to put by our cosy seating area, for students to browse through. Fingers crossed!!

    83. Robert V says:

      Would be a great resource for homeschoolers

    84. Sarah Parkin says:

      My son prefers reading non-fiction books, these would be fantastic to help answer all his questions 🙂

    85. EMMA WALTERS says:

      my son would have great fun looking at these

    86. Becky Yeomans says:

      Great books! Love to win this for my daughter 🙂

    87. Jackie ONeill says:

      A brilliant selection of non-fiction books which would be loved by all of the family, not just the kids!

    88. Susan Howitt says:

      This would be brilliant for my daughter, thank you very much for the chance to win this amazing bundle. I wouldn’t mind sinking my teeth into the shark book either x

    89. Lucy I says:

      A lovely selection of books, my son would love them

    90. Zoe G says:

      Both me and my son would enjoy reading these, love DK books

    91. Michelle Best says:

      Looks great – my little boy has aspergers and does not “do” fiction! Prefers to find out how the world works and generally has an answer for everything! This might keep him busy for a bit!

    92. Elaine Savage says:

      These books sound like the very best way to learn about science and the world around us.

    93. Liam Bishop says:

      Fantastic set of books thanks, How Machines Work looks great.

    94. claire blaney says:

      This would be totally incredible, there are some amazing books here thank you x

    95. Would love to win these for the school library. Fantastic exciting and inviting selection for keen readers and the more reluctant alike.

    96. Jo says:

      Wow! Super selection of books. I’ve just started a new job as LRC Manager and our school library really needs a some awesome new non-fiction books to revitalise it!!

    97. Alison M says:

      My daughter is 5 and the constantly asks questions about the world around her. Some of them I can answer but others leave me stumped. Help this mummy be the fountain of knowledge for another generation and show that “Google” isn’t the only source of information lol!

    98. tom Baines says:

      brilliant selection of books, we love reading and the kids engage so freely a beautiful world when reading with children

    99. Emma says:

      Perfect for the school library!

    100. Clare H says:

      lovely selection of books

    101. Rebecca Williams says:

      These books are fantastic, I home school my son so these books would be very useful.

    102. Tracy Horrex says:

      My daughter loves discovering and loves reading this set of books would be perfect for her

    103. Kelly Glen says:

      My niece and nephew would love these books

    104. Damyanti says:

      Looks a great selection

    105. Clare White says:

      What a wonderful selection of books

    106. Barbara daniels says:

      These would be a mine of information for my kids, so awesome.

    107. Lea Mavin says:

      My son is a reluctant reader and rarely manages to finish a fiction book before he tires of it. Thankfully he loves non fiction as he finds facts fascinating and can dip in and out of the books whenever he wants.

    108. gordon says:

      love to win for my children

    109. caroline walliss says:

      My kids would love these, thanks.x

    110. Mark Finch says:

      A great set of books, for all enquiring minds

    111. Lynsey Buchanan says:

      What a fantastic giveaway – thank you

    112. Mark Love says:

      Whenever I see the initials DK, I think ‘Don’t Know.’ With all of these great informational books, that is now a thing of the past.

    113. sharon martin says:

      Fabulous Collection of books

    114. DEB PRIOR says:

      Non-fiction allows children to enter a world of facts, information & discovery!

    115. Kevin Betts says:

      Can’t beat DK when it comes to non-fiction!

    116. Really like DK books – thanks for running this competition.

    117. Mary says:

      My little boy is very curious about the natural world and would love to learn new things. This is a fantastic collection and he would love them. Thanks

    118. Tasha hamilton says:

      I’d love to win

    119. Mummy Fever says:

      What amazing books – these would really help with homework

    120. Tracy Gladman says:

      A lovely selection of books, great for any child.

    121. Fingers crossed – this would be a great addition! 🙂

    122. Sarah Louise says:

      What a great selection of books!

    123. Jayne Gould says:

      A great selection of books to inspire and engage children

    124. Sarah Hodge says:

      Non-fiction=information=no brainer! Give a child a book and watch them grow.

    125. Denise Lawrence says:

      Brilliant selection and the covers are eye catching enough to draw the most reluctant of readers! These would be very popular in our school library.

    126. Heather says:

      DK books are already incredibly popular in our school so this would be an amazing prize for us.

    127. kim neville says:

      My son loves reading books and would find these very interesting and learn from them

    128. Jayne says:

      Wow anther great prize

    129. Georgina prince says:

      these look fab my sons would love the space book x

    130. Tina Brown says:

      Wow! These books are brilliant. Non-fiction books can capture the imagination of reluctant readers and hook them into a love of reading that they might not have acquired otherwise. I would love these inspiring books for my class of developing readers.

    131. Ian Morris says:

      What a great selection of non-fiction books, but done in a way that seems engaging for children. My eldest would love these, and is especially mad about sharks!

    132. Leo Hartas says:

      There’s no way I’d give these to kids. I want them all to myself!

    133. Clare Zinkin says:

      You can’t beat non-fiction, I have a child who’s fanatical about it, and think there should be more coverage of it in reviews and blogs because it sparks an interest in our world. Google just doesn’t do it for us.

    134. J Lanyon says:

      Engage! Non-fiction- Good call!

    135. Abigail McMillan says:

      I would love to win these to give away to Bimringham children. Lovely selection f books.

    136. Jo says:

      These look great. Would be fad for the relaunch of our school library.

    137. Charlotte hurley says:

      I love non-fiction for children! Fingers crossed 🙂

    138. Emily Beale says:

      What a gorgeous selection of books. I know these would be an incredible addition to our school library!

    139. ashleigh allan says:

      I would love to win for my children!

    140. Tracy Nixon says:

      What a great selection of books – these would be really helpful for my childrens’ school projects and to browse for amazing facts!

    141. While stories teaches about how we live , non-fiction books show us where we live and what is around us. I especially enjoy narrative non-fiction that combines both.