Bringing history to life with Nosy Crow at the British Museum

Nosy Crow is very proud to publish an enticing range of books with the British Museum from first concept titles to craft books, activity, novelty and fact books. Drawing on the British Museum’s unparalleled collection of objects and its world-class expertise we have books to entertain the whole family. There’s just so much to discover about the artefacts, that our books include QR codes to scan to find out more at home.

For the youngest of children comes a collection of board books featuring amazing objects, with QR codes embedded, so that parents and siblings can find out more about the items and the cultures they come from. In Colours, gold is illustrated by a beautiful Egyptian mask, and blue with a pair of Tibetan earrings from the 1800s! The other titles in this series are First Words, ABC and Animals.  

For older children and fans of crafting we have a gorgeous origami book, Origami, Poems and Pictures, which features the three Japanese art forms. For each animal or object children can read a haiku, enjoy a painting from the British Museum’s collection and then make the figure. Complete with sheets of origami paper and step-by-step instructions on how to make cranes, cats, frogs, flowers and so much more, it even has a QR code linking to instructional videos. Our special Fabulous Flowers and Perfect Patterns is a brilliant colouring book with pop out cards and envelopes with designs from the museum’s collections to decorate.

Our seriously silly Mixed Up Masterpieces Funny Faces feature fascinating photographs of artefacts from the British Museum that the reader can mix – and match – to make truly inventive objects! The challenge is on to match the correct faces or animals across the split pages. There’s hours of fun to be had as over 2000 combinations are waiting to be discovered, and don’t worry, we’ve included what the masterpieces should really look like in the book. Mixed Up Masterpieces Amusing Animals will be out in April 2018.

Look out for a brilliant and hilariously funny guide to life in Egypt, So You Think You’ve Got it Bad: A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt. Developed by Chae Strathie with one of the world’s leading Egyptologists, every hilarious fact will reveal more about just how trying life was back then, and is illustrated in colour by Marisa Morea.

This guest post was provided by Clare Hall-Craggs and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the FCBG. 

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  1. Denise Lawrence says:

    What a brilliant collection! I can’t wait to get my hands on these books. The students at my school will love these as will my family.