Celebrating NNFN at Petts Wood Library

It has been another highly successful National Non-Fiction November and one of our members has been celebrating it in style in Bromley.  As Jenny Hawke explains:

‘Over the last few weeks we have been celebrating and promoting National Non-Fiction November (NNFN) in Petts Wood Library, Bromley.  As well as having displays we ran special sessions for our Books Aloud group which is for 5 – 7 year olds and their parents or carers. Every week we read a story and then the children take part in an activity associated with the story.

I wanted to share non-fiction resources and really promote NNFN throughout November. So, to begin with, at the start of each session I explained about why we were looking at non-fiction this month. We shared a non-fiction book together and then the children took part in an activity such as drawing a picture inspired by the book, playing Pass the Parcel NNFN style which involved each wrapper displaying a non-fiction book jacket and of course the prize was a non-fiction book. The idea for this came from the FCBG activity pack for NNFN which was incredibly useful.


For our final session last week all the children made their own non-fiction book.  My colleague Gill, with the help of the FCBG activity pack, created a template and other members of staff cut up pictures of dinosaurs, planets, human body, under the sea etc. We had asked parents to bring in anything their children may be interested in but didn’t rely on this and made sure we had plenty of pictures for them to stick in their books. One girl brought in postcards from around the world and made a geography book and another girl brought in pictures of items you may find in a supermarket. It was a very successful activity and all the children were really pleased with their books. I think one of the great things about the session was that the parents were really involved as well as the children and  were keen to help their children find facts in the books we had lying around which could then be written or drawn into their own books that they had just made. We made the whole event much more a family orientated session rather than just one for children alone.

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This was the first time we have really celebrated NNFN at my library in such a focused way and I’m keen to do it again next year and to broaden it out to Chatterbooks groups (8-12 yrs) as well. At the end of the academic year Chatterbooks leaders for all the Chatterbooks groups in Bromley Libraries get together and decide which themes to focus on for the following year, I will definitely be recommending NNFN as I’m sure this will be popular with the children. Having so many excellent resources and downloads from the FCBG makes planning sessions much easier. So here’s to NNFN 2017!’

Jenny Hawke

Petts Wood Library

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