Chicken Nugget by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Tom McLaughlin

The first of our series of guest blogposts today highlighting our Top Ten Shortlist for the Children’s Book Award. Michelle Robinson has been shortlisted in the Books for Younger Children category for Chicken Nugget, and explains why she too sometimes feels like Chicken Nugget.

For the first ten years of my life, I was the smallest in our family.

I wasn’t allowed to do all the things everyone else did. My mum used to say things like, “You can stay up as late as your brother when you’re as old as your brother.” What a rotten trick – I would never be as old as him! I may have been small, but I was only too aware of how unfair life was.

My brother was allowed a motorbike.

Chicken Nugget and I have a lot in common. Just like Nugget, I had the smallest room, the smallest portions, and only the tiniest bit of space on the sofa. Unlike Nugget, a dastardly fox never pretended to be my long lost cousin so he could try and eat me. Phew.

Now, Chicken Nugget may not always see eye-to-eye with his family. In fact he is so short he probably only sees eye-to-knee. But no matter how much they annoy him, no matter how different or how left out he feels, he will always, always love them.

I am ever so fond of Chicken Nugget. He feels just the same way I did as a child. He is small, frustrated and unsure of his own strengths. But small people – and small chickens – can be just as sensitive, just as smart and just as strong as big ones. Sometimes more so.

Life can be hard. One minute, a very furry looking chicken turns up at your door. The next minute, you’re wondering how on earth you ended up dangling upside-down over a large pan of boiling water. But you must never ever give in, no matter how small you are.

Me and my own little chicken nugget

I really hope life doesn’t give you any foxes. But if it does, remember this: sometimes the bravest hero can be a little chicken.

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