Children’s Book Award Younger Children Blog Tour Round-up

Since we announced the Top 12 titles for this year’s FCBG Children’s Book Award in February, three amazing children’s book bloggers have helped us to celebrate the picture books on our shortlist. 

Here is a roundup of some of the things we’ve been treated to.

We kicked the tour off with a post from Fiona Barker who told us all about book number one.

Jazz Dog

Written and illustrated by Marie Voigt. Published by Oxford University Press.
Fiona talked to Marie about the inspirations for Jazz Dog – and who knew how diverse they would be?  A combination of Brexit, Donald Trump, and Tom Hardy reading Rob Biddulph’s ‘Odd Dog Out’ on CBeebies.
We also got to meet the real-life dog in Marie’s life, the totally gorgeous Harry!

Marie gave Fiona some fantastic insights into her world.

“Not long after publication in the UK, I was gobsmacked to find out that CBeebies Bedtime Stories wanted to read Jazz Dog, and by no other than Robbie Williams! For me this was the ultimate proof that one should always pursue their dreams and that they really can come true!
It’s actually Harry’s 15th Birthday today on 6 March 2020! And I’m so glad he still got to witness Robbie reading his book on TV and it being shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award!”

You can find the complete blog post here.


The next stop on the blog tour was posted by Steph at A-Little-But-A-Lot who shouted about book number two; 

The Runaway Pea

Written by Kjartan Poskitt, Illustrated by Alex Wilmore, Published by Simon and Schuster.

After telling us what we can expect from a picture book about a rogue pea who wants to do his own thing, Steph went on to tell us what you she thought of the book.

‘I adored the rhyming pattern and the hilariousness of this book! It is a story which will appeal to children of all ages – because even Year 6s deserve to have picture books read to them! The incredible illustrations add so much to this story too: you see so much of the pea’s personality from the ways in which he is drawn. You get to meet a lot of his friends too, and some of them are just BRILLIANT.’

To read the full blog click here.

Book 3 on the tour was celebrated by Mr E, The Reader Teacher, who cheered on;

Matisse’s Magical Trail

Written by Tim Hopgood, Illustrated by Sam Boughton, Published by Oxford University Press.

Mr E showed us inside the book and gave us a look at some of his favourite spreads before telling us what he thought of the book.

‘For me, this picture book showcases the very best of creativity, expression and individuality whilst also bringing together the themes of friendship, acceptance and appreciation which are so much needed when working with children in the classroom. Younger readers will be immediately captivated by the crayon-like detail and bright vibrance within the illustrations from Sam Boughton that really accentuate Tim’s beautiful and heart-warming story and really bring it to life.’

To find out more about this book and to read the full post, look here.

Thank you to all three of our star bloggers and to the authors, illustrators and publishers for their support and assistance in supplying books, quotes, interviews and resources for the posts.

Look out next week when we kick off the next round of blog posts to celebrate the Books For Younger Readers from three more wonderful bloggers.

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