CITV Share-A-Story 2017: Finalists Announced!

Over the past four weeks, CITV’s Share a Story 2017 judging panels have had a thrilling time reading every one of this year’s entries and have now announced this year’s finalists.

The panels, made up of animators, TV professionals, authors, and representatives from FCBG, have been meeting across various locations to help draw up a shortlist of potential winners.

The creativity and variety of themes was astounding, although the name Bob proved pretty popular!

The kids’ imaginations and ability to think beyond the conventional, or indeed take recognized plots and twist them into fresh and original ideas, made the stories highly entertaining.

The panelists thoroughly enjoyed themselves reading aloud their top stories and discussed each story’s merits and potential for making it into an animation to be shown on the CITV channel in October.

The Share a Story competition really encourages kids to put their full range of creative skills on show and that was seen in the shape of comic book styled storyboards and inventive rhyming tales. With themes ranging from the sinister and spooky to the heroic and downright bonkers, it all ensured that 2017’s stories were as varied and diverse as ever.

The top 20 entries in each age category were then passed to the stage two panel. Here the four top animators, whose job it will be to bring the stories to life, had the really tough task of selecting the three finalists. With each animator keen to champion their favourite, their decision was finally made.

However, they don’t have the final say, the task of selecting the ultimate winning stories now passes to the kids themselves via a week long on-line vote.

You can watch and listen to this year’s finalist’s stories and check out the vote all on the CITV website HERE

Voting is now open and closes Friday 21st July 2017 at 6pm!

Who will be the lucky winners?

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