Conference: A guest post by Prue Goodwin

The next in our series of posts in the run up to the annual conference is by Prue Goodwin who will be chairing the panel session on Sunday morning. Former Director of INSET at the Reading and Language Information Centre, literacy consultant and author, Prue will be leading a discussion on the the main theme of the conference.

‘Building Bridges, Forging Connections and Growing Readers’

Having spent my entire working life sharing books with children, students and teachers, I was delighted to be invited by the Federation to host a panel discussion at the start of the conference day on Sunday 3 April. Putting the best books into the hands of young readers is what the Federation is about and the themes of the conference are as dear to my heart as they are to delegates. I want to cover as many aspects of those themes as we can in an hour so I need guests who I know will offer insights into an interpretation of the three ideas in the conference title:


  • Forging connections
    • for example, making the strong links of meaning between words & images
  • Building Bridges
    • opening up the whole world of literature to children through the translation of children’s books from across the globe
  • Growing readers
    • supporting teachers, librarians, families as they nourish and support young readers.


In order to touch on each of the topics, I have invited three colleagues whose work I admire from the world of children’s books. It is my hope that together we will represent aspects of children’s publishing and education that cover all our concerns. Daniel Hahn is a highly regarded translator of children’s books and the complier of The Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature (2014); Jane Ray, whose vibrant illustrations have enriched the pages of books for children since the 1989; and, SF Said, not only a brilliant writer for young independent readers but also a founder member of #coverkidsbooks (a campaign to promote media coverage of children’s and YA books).

The idea is to have a lively conversation about the themes rather than a series of presentations. I am also hoping that there may be time for some questions from the audience so do come prepared to join in if you wish.


Prue Goodwin Feb 2016

For further information about the full programme or if you are interested in booking a place for the conference either as full resident or a day delegate see

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