Exciting Events!

We have just heard about two exciting book based events are happening in Newcastle during the summer:

Michael Morpurgo, a Lifetime in Stories

A new exhibition about Michael Morpurgo and his work is opening at Seven Stories on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and will run until June 2017, followed by a National tour. This will provide the opportunity to see for the first time, the notebooks and manuscripts that have become the classics we know today. Also on display will be material relating to adaptations and in particular War Horse (Egmont, 1982), including a handwritten draft not seen before, and an explanation of how the story evolved from page to stage and then film.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to explore a replica of Michael’s creative caravan and see a model of the ship-wrecked boat, featured in the Wreck of the Zanzibar (Egmont, 1995). An atmospheric soundscape will introduce the familiar themes of war, countryside and farming.  Other highlights include a multisensory sculpture of Bill the Kidd (Harper Collins, 2002); a playful under 5 area inspired by the Mulpuddle Farm Series (Harper Collins) and It’s a Dog’s Life (Egmont, 2004); and original artwork by Sir Quentin Blake, Patrick Benson and Michael Foreman.

Throughout the summer holidays, there will also be a daily performance of ‘The Dreamer’ show which plays with the idea of dream and reality, designed to inspire young writers to create their own stories.

For further information visit the Seven Stories website: http://www.sevenstories.org.uk/exhibitions/michael-morpurgo

You might also enjoy reading the guest post about the National Centre for Children’s Books which appeared on our blog recently during National Share a Story Month: http://www.fcbg.org.uk/nssm-guest-post-from-seven-stories/

The Savage

Another landmark production premiering in Newcastle around the same time is an adaptation of The Savage by author David Almond, which will be performed at Live Theatre, Newcastle, from 30th June – 23rd July 2016. This heralds the opening of Live Tales, a new writing centre for children, and a strand of Live Theatre’s education programme, which will be offering creative writing sessions for 7-12s from September.

Watch a short video of David talking about the development of the play and find out about the related series of events at: http://www.live.org.uk/whats-on-book/the-savage

The Savage has been described as ‘an uplifting contemporary fable about creation and renewal, wildness and civilisation. It shows the importance of creativity in finding consolation, redemption and fulfilment in the world around us.’

The family friendly production, with specially commissioned music, is written in the language of Tyneside and reflects the place and its history.

Thank you to Nicky Potter for providing this information.

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