Food and Cooking Around the World Quiz

Test your children’s knowledge about Food and Cooking Around the World with this quiz based on the series of the same name published by Wayland. See below for an opportunity to win a set of the books, as well as the answers! An ideal activity for a book group, club or class.

  1. Which ancient civilisation started the Mexican food we know today?

A. The Incas              B. The Mayans                          C.    The Egyptians

  1. What is fried with garlic, chilli and onions to create the regional Mexican dish, Chapulines?

A. Chicken              B. Halloumi                                C.    Grasshoppers

  1. Which sausage is most popular in central Mexico?

A .Chipolata              B. Chorizo                                  C.    Lincolnshire

  1. Why should the Mexican herb epazote be handled carefully?

A. It sometimes explodes     B. It doesn’t exist                     C.    It can be poisonous

  1. What type of dish is a ceviche?

A. Raw carrot     B. Raw fish                                C.    Raw steak

  1. Which Mexican festival is sugared bread eaten in? (Hint: They decorate the bread with bones!)

A. Day of the Dead      B. Cinco de Mayo                     C.    The Holy Week

  1. Which continent is China a part of?

A. Asia                                B. Europe                                   C.      South America

  1. The capital city of China is Beijing. What is Beijing’s most famous dish?

A. Chicken Chow Mein     B. Spring rolls                             C.    Peking Duck

  1. Spring Rolls are traditionally eaten to celebrate which Chinese festival?

A. Lantern Festival     B. Dragon Boat Festival              C.    Chinese New Year

  1. Which of these is one of China’s most well-known sauces?

A. Soy sauce     B. Tomato Sauce                          C.    Sriracha sauce

  1. Corn soup has been popular in China since ancient times. Which of these other ancient civilisations also ate corn soup? (Hint: There might be more than one right answer!)

A. Ancient Greeks     B. The Aztecs                                 C.    Ancient Egyptians

  1. Which country first introduced pasta to the Italians?

A. France     B. Greece                                        C.    China

  1. Each year in June the village of Celleno’s holds a festival to celebrate one of the fruits below. Do you know which one?

A. Cherry     B. Oranges                                     C.    Kiwi

  1. What animal’s milk is mozzarella usually made out of?

A. Cow     B. Sheep                                        C.    Buffalo

  1. What type of food is Minestrone?

A. Pizza topping    B. Soup                                           C.    Fish

  1. Which of these foods is the Italian city of Naples most famous for?

A. Olive bread                   B. Spaghetti Bolognese               C. Pizza

  1. What is India’s national fruit?

A. Mango     B. Papaya                                          C.    Passion fruit

  1. Lots of religions don’t eat certain meet because it goes against their beliefs. Which religion doesn’t eat beef?

A. Hindus     B. Muslims                                         C.    Catholics

  1. What type of milk is mostly used in Keralan cooking?

A. Soy milk                                    B. Coconut milk                                  C.    Almond milk

  1. Why don’t the people of Rajasthan eat many fresh green vegetables?

A. They are hard to grow in that part of India

B. It is against their religion to eat them

C. They only eat meat

Food and Cooking Around the World

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Quiz Answers:

  1. B), 2. C), 3. B), 4. C), 5. B), 6. A), 7. A), 8. C), 9. C), 10. A), 11. B) and/or C), 12, C), 13. A) 14. C) 15. B), 16. C), 17. A), 18. A), 19. B), 20. B)


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