Golden National Share a Story May 2018

As 2018 is the Federation’s 50th Birthday we are aiming to make National Share a Story Month a special golden event!  Plans for GSSM in May are on well on their way with lots of exciting ideas for sharing stories.

The theme for 2018 is ‘’Celebrating A World of Stories’ and we have a whole host of suggestions on how book groups, schools, libraries, reading groups and families can take part during May 2018.

The aims are  –

*to celebrate stories, poetry, myths and legends from around the world

*to explore our own British stories, myths and legends as well as stories from other cultures

*to highlight and explore Literature in Translation

*There will also be a theme of food – looking  at traditions of cooking and telling stories.  Are there similar recipes in different cultures or stories with food as a main ‘ingredient’ to the tale?

Book groups and other interested parties will be encouraged to hold story sharing sessions and cultural events with words, music, art work, food and costume from a particular land.

We shall explore the way stories are shared across cultures and identify and celebrate repeating themes and characters.  We shall see how our shared stories can link people across cultures and beliefs thus enabling empathy and understanding.

Youngsters will make or be given a ‘passport’ to record the countries they have visited through reading their stories.

There will be a variety of competitions from re-writing traditional myths for our modern times to creating stories or poems with a golden theme. 

We will provide every book group with a pack of ideas, which the members can use to arrange events and activities in their homes, schools and communities during the month of May.   There will also be a book list highlighting useful titles and story collections that fit in with the theme.

We shall use the NSSM page of the FCBG website to advertise and celebrate GNSSM and to point everyone to useful links and resources. The competition winners will be celebrated on our website and news of the planned activities too.  We will also be running a series of blogs during May and will use the FCBG Facebook page and Twitter too!

Look out for further information on our website in the weeks to come.  If anyone would like to know more then please e mail

We are looking forward to an exciting story sharing month of May!

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