Harry Potter Night 2016


Dust off your robes and get your broomstick out of the cupboard- Harry Potter Night is back! The theme for Thursday 4th February will be A NIGHT OF SPELLS, celebrating their role at the heart of these wonderful books.

A fantastic new kit, which can be downloaded from harrypotterbooknight.com, has been produced for this year’s celebrations, offering lots of great ideas to supplement those of last year’s pack.  The activities are aimed at children aged 8-10, but can easily be modified to suit those attending. The kit also includes tips for adapting your event suit audience numbers. Once you sign up, you will also receive newsletters in the run-up to the 4th February with further thoughts and ideas.

You can publicise your event by uploading details to the interactive map at harrypotterbooknight.com.

There is also an on-line poll to decide the nation’s favourite Harry Potter spell. You can cast your vote in the same place- harrypotterbooknight.com.

Pass the magic on…

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