Illustr8or is a visual literacy project working with schools to enhance learning through the art of visual storytelling. 8 well known children’s book illustrators start 8 different stories and a number of schools take it in turns spending a day creating their own next page to all the stories.

Individual schools are also able to take part not working in a collaboration. You can choose any of the story starters from the illustrators taking part and work with your class or your school to create your own books.

Many schools have already run the project this way, either using a different illustration for each class or just having one class take part. The beauty of the project is that you can use the resource in whichever way works best for you, your school or your class.

There is a whole host of resources available on the Illustr8or website too which you can download and use. These include ideas on how to carry on the stories, plans on how to story board your ideas and other things such as videos and more information about each of the illustrators.

You can find out more at