Looking Back at a Full Month of NSSM

NSSM has been great fun this May with many youngsters engaging with the theme of celebrating the power of pictures and stories.  Many Federation Book Groups, as well as schools, libraries, families and community groups, have organised events and festivals, sharing stories on riverbanks and in nursing homes, community centres and conservatories.  The Wild life and People Trust in Alderney planned a Hungry Caterpillar event in their amphitheatre and youngsters were involved in activities from Salford to Ipswich to Reading.  There have been drawing and writing competitions too and we are looking forward to judging the entries.  We have been supported by publishers and many authors and illustrators have joined in the events.

There have been interesting blogs on the FCBG website throughout the month and Chris Routh took on the task of celebrating the alphabet of illustrators daily on Twitter.  The response has been great with many new followers to this, and the FCBG Facebook posts highlighting a picture book every day.

NSSM seems to take on a life of its own and it is wonderful to discover that groups and organisations, small and larger, share stories and reading throughout the month.  All will be celebrated on the NSSM page and the NSSM Events Page of the FCBG website, and we shall publish the list of Facebook picture books too.

Now we have to think of a theme for next year!  Happy reading….

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