National Non-Fiction November 2015

logoWe’re delighted to announce that the theme for National Non-Fiction November is MAPS!

What could your group do during November to explore the wonderful world of non-fiction for children and young people?

We’re delighted to be working with Lonely Planet Kids this year to enable all local FCBG groups to run a map-themed non-fiction event in November (full details below). November will also once again see 30 Days of Adventure as the FCBG co-ordinates publication in a wide variety of media of articles, competitions and reviews of non-fiction for children and young people. Round ups will appear on the FCBG blog and will also be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

lpklogoThanks to the very generous sponsorship by Lonely Planet Kids, in June every group will receive an activity pack with a host of tailorable ideas to run their own session based around the idea of designing their own country. In September 2015 Lonely Planet Kids is publishing You Rule! which helps readers design, create and govern a completely new nation from scratch! It’s full of fascinating facts about nations and micronations all over the world, from the big-league to the bizarre and will guide readers on their journey from rabble to ruler. A copy of this book will be sent to each group.

Every group which designs their own country and produces a map of some sort of their country can submit it for inclusion in an ebook to be published by Lonely Planet Kids in January 2016. This ebook will be a collation of all imaginary countries which different groups have designed. There will be prizes for the best entries.

Whilst every group will receive everything they need to run their own event, all groups can also bid to have Jen Feroze from Lonely Planet Kids attend a local book group event in November, to lead map drawing and country designing activities. Jen has authored and published more than 50 children’s books and is a wannabe Queen of Jenlandia. In her micronation there would be unicorns for all citizens. Any group anywhere in the UK can bid for the Jen Feroze to attend for free, thanks to the sponsorship by Lonely Planet Kids.


  • 11th of May – Opening of bid submissions for Jen Feroze to attend your event.
  • 15th of June – Closing of bid submissions for Jen Feroze to attend your event.
    – Activity pack to be sent to all groups during the month of June
  • 1st of July – FCBG Executive will contact groups who have won visits from Jen Feroze
  • September – Copy of You Rule! to be sent to every group
  • November – Book group events designing your own country (or other events inspired by non-fiction and maps)
    -30 Days of Adventure: articles and competitions featuring non-fiction across a variety of media
  • 30th of November – Submission of maps of your book group’s invented country if you wish it to be included in the ebook of maps being compiled by Lonely Planet Kids
  • January 2016 – Publication of maps eBook and awarding of prizes for best submissions

  • Bid Process

    Thanks to generous sponsorship by Lonely Planet Kids, all FCBG local groups can bid to have Jen Feroze, Lonely Planet Kids’ author and publisher, visit as part of their celebrations of National Non-Fiction November 2015.

    For three winning groups (from anywhere in the UK):

  • Lonely Planet Kids will cover all costs for Jen to attend and take part in a book group event (up to 2 hours long) where she will help the group design their own country and draw maps of their territory. The event must be based on the NNFN theme of maps.
  • The exact date and timing of the events will be agreed by the winning groups in discussion with Jen Feroze. However, events should take place in November.
  • To submit a bid you need to email Zoe Toft on by 15 June with the following details:
    -The name of your group
    -The type of event you want to run (e.g. for families, in school, in a hospital etc)
    -The likely numbers attending your event
    – Up to 3 sentences on why Jen Feroze should visit YOUR group. Reasons for this could include working with disadvantaged children, this event fitting in with bigger plans you have for celebrating non-fiction in November etc.

  • Members of the FCBG Executive (whose groups have not submitted bids) and Lonely Planet Kids will choose three winning bids and contact all groups who have submitted bids by July 1st. Winning groups will then be put in touch with Jen to negotiate finer details regarding dates and locations.

    Hashtag for National Non-Fiction November: #NNFN
    You can find out more about Lonely Planet Kids on, and follow them on twitter: @lpkids

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