National Non-Fiction November Competition 2019 : Results


National Non-Fiction November Competition 2019: Results

For this year’s competition, in partnership with Lonely Planet Kids, we took our inspiration from the work of internationally renowned artist and illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, creator of How Airports Work and How Trains Work. The challenge for the children was to show us what a vehicle of tomorrow might look like.

We invited budding young designers to create a picture that showed how their vehicle moved people or cargo around. Could it fly? Did it run on rails or roads? Could it travel on water, beneath the waves, or into space? And with climate change looming so large in all our futures, we wanted to see some thought given to how sustainable the vehicle would be, especially in terms of what it was made of, and what powered it.Entries were judged in three age groups: KS1 (approx ages 5–7), KS2 (approx ages 8–11), and KS3 (approx ages 12–17).

We received 282 entries from 19 different organisations. NNFN Coordinator Marc Thomas invited members of the Aldbourne Children’s Book Group committee to judge the competition; and the prizes were awarded as follows:

Tudor Grange Primary (Solihull) KS1 category and Overall Winner

Hugh Gaitskell Primary (Leeds) KS2 category

Croxley Danes School (Rickmansworth) KS3

Congratulations to Aysel (Year 1), Aisha (Year 6) and Georgia and Ciaran (Year 7). The judges decided to make an exception to the ‘no joint entries rule’, having heard from the school about the support the two children with special educational needs had given each other in order to complete the entry.

A very special thank-you to Lonely Planet for their sponsorship, which included the banner design for the relevant FCBG website pages and the fantastic prizes for the winners of the competition. 

We would also like to thank Cicada Books, Quarto and Raintree for their generous Twitter-based giveaways; and to all the other publishers involved who contributed to the blog programme including Award Publishing, Bloomsbury, b small, Dorling Kindersley, Laurence King, Quarto and Walker Books.