National Non-Fiction November – it’s a wrap!

What a month it’s been! Here’s are some of the highlights:

We’ve had guest posts from authors and illustrators of non-fiction:
Non-Fiction in Disguise
Monkeying around with Non-Fiction
Fantastic Cities – an interview with Steve McDonald
Adventures in the Real World – A Roadmap for Writing Non-Fiction
A Guest Blog by Richard Wilkinson
An Interview with Tim Hopgood
Why Space Matters To Us All: A Guest Blog by Colin Stuart
An interview with Anne Rooney

We’ve had giveaways:
A guest post by Joe Lillington plus a giveaway
A map-themed giveaway!
Brilliant non-fiction books – a DK giveaway worth over £100

We’ve had opinion pieces:
All About The Words
Anita in the library – an endangered species in an endangered place
Do not stop any child from reading non-fiction

We’ve had insight from non-fiction publishers:
Notes from a Small Non-fiction Publisher
What is it like working on non-fiction books?
The world at your child’s fingertips!

We’ve had lots of lovely map themed ideas to spark our imagination:
Maps tell a story – a guest post by Anne Rooney
Maps. Where would we be without them?
What Happened When in the World: Putting History on the Map
‘A’ is for Atlas
“Second to the left, and straight on ’til morning” : children’s literature and literary travels
‘Weird and Wacky Places’ by Andy Seed
Maps show a way into new reading for pleasure

We’ve had award shortlists and winners announced:
Books to broaden young minds: Shortlist announced for only UK award for educational writing
Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize
SLA Information Book Award winners 2015

We’ve had a huge number of brilliant non-fiction books recommended, with these for starters:
An overview of non-fiction for teens
7 Non-fiction Books for Children That You’ll Secretly Want to Buy for Yourself
City Atlas
Fireworks for National Non-fiction November!
There are many, many more recommendations on Twitter. You can find them if you search using the hashtag #NNFN.

And lots of other interesting posts:
Non-fiction, Dyslexia and Empathy
3 Tips for Night Sky Watchers from Author Raman Prinja
Oh, the places we can’t go….. by Dawn Finch
You couldn’t (or shouldn’t) make it up
A passion for information and facts: National Non Fiction November
The magic month of Non-Fiction and a poster in the Sunday Times featuring the NNFN logo, thanks to the hard work of Christopher Lloyd

We’d like to thank everyone who has celebrated National Non-Fiction November with us this year. Special thanks go to Lonely Planet Kids for sponsoring activities with our local book groups.

We’re also very grateful to all the other publishers, authors, illustrators, booksellers, bloggers and all fans of non-fiction who helped us spread the word about great non-fiction for children and young people.


2 responses to “National Non-Fiction November – it’s a wrap!”

  1. Dan Green says:

    It’s been an amazing month. I’ve enjoyed reading the fascinating articles and inspirational ideas of the many contributors, as well as taking part myself. Big tip of the hat to Zoe and the folks at FCBG. Many thanks!

  2. Susanna Sansom says:

    Inspired November’s Library resources display. Keep the themes and ideas coming.