National Share-A-Story Month competition

**This giveaway is now closed. It was won by Caitlin Jones**

National Share-A-Story Month (NSSM), which kicks off today, is an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing, providing a fantastic opportunity to fulfil the core aim of the FCBG of bringing children and stories together.

We are delighted to announce that the theme for National Share-A-Story Month 2014 is ‘Imagination and Inventiveness’ as we join with Dahl & Dahl and Puffin Publishers to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


This May Federation book groups as well as professional and individual members will be involved in a whole host of events based on ideas linked with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many other wonderful Dahl Publications, with plenty of prizes to be won.

However we also wanted to give non-members an opportunity to celebrate NSSM and share their love of Charlie Bucket et al, and thanks to the generosity of Spineless Classics (, McLaggan Smith Mugs ( and Puffin (, we have an incredible prize bundle for one lucky person to win!

The prize contains:

  • A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster by Spineless Classics
  • A 50th Anniversary Charlie Mug by McLaggan Smith Mugs
  • An anniversary edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • charlieblogpost4



    All you need to do is tell us in the comments below which one of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters is your favourite and why. Please note: If you have not commented on an FCBG blog post before there will be a short delay between you posting your comment and it appearing on the blog.

    The closing date for this competition is Wednesday 14th May at 11.59pm. A winner will be chosen using Please note that this competition is open to UK and Eire residents only.

    Good luck!

    For more information please email Louise Stothard, NSSM coordinator
    You can find out more about the 50th anniversary celebrations for Charlie and the Chocolate factory here.

    **This giveaway is now closed. It was won by Caitlin Jones**

    25 responses to “National Share-A-Story Month competition”

    1. Natalie Crossan says:

      I love Augustus – I’d probably eat like him!

    2. Emma says:

      I love all the characters, but Veruca Salt is brilliant – especially the name!

    3. Caitlin jones says:

      Willy Wonka is my favourite character as he is so full of ideas with some mischief mixed in!

    4. clair dutton says:

      matilda is great – she is funny

    5. Joanna gray says:

      Grandpa Joe because he is the only one who believes Willy Wonka is a genius when all the other parents think he is mad. And because he is the best friend a boy could wish for.

    6. Jean Cass says:

      Charlie Bucket – he is such a lovely character, so kind to his grandparents sharing the one bar of chocolate he has for his birthday

    7. Stella Wood says:

      Grandpa Joe because he is Charlie’s greatest friend and confidante

    8. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says:

      Grandpa Jo-a lovable old man who believed!

    9. Leelah Grant-McMillan says:

      My favourite character is Grandpa Joe because even though he is old and frail he is still really young on the inside. He is also my favourite character because he never loses hope or faith that Charlie will have a good future, and the best thing is: he was right!

    10. jodie harvey says:

      i love charlie, hes so cute and a lovely little boy

    11. Lucy Bishop says:

      Grandpa Joe is my favourite as he is just so kind and sweet x

    12. Danielle Harry says:

      My favourite is willy wonka as everybody would want to be him and he is so childlike in his thinking but a genius all the same. 🙂

    13. Deborah Torr says:

      Charlie is such a goodie goodie, so its got to be Willy Wonka. The rest of the children are spoilt.

    14. kellyjo walters says:

      Willy Wonka himself, he’s a genius!

    15. Danielle Graves says:

      My favourite is Grandpa Joe, such a kind old man reminds me a lot of my grandad.

    16. Kay panayi says:

      I love violet esp when she needs to be juiced reminds me of my kids they don’t resist temptation either

    17. Tracy Nixon says:

      My favourite character is Charlie because, even though he has dreams, he is quite content with what he has got. He has a kind heart too, as on his birthday, he shared his single bar of chocolate with his family members rather than eat it all himself!

    18. clair downham says:

      charlie as he has never had anything and he is such a nice boy

    19. Glenn Marvell-James says:

      The Oompa-Loompas without them there would be no delicious Wonka Bars. Yum.

    20. kim neville says:

      Willy Wonka as entertaining, makes you laugh and full of exciting ideas

    21. Hayley McAllister says:

      Both me and my son have the same favourite character – Charlie Bucket,the reason for my son is the fact that his name is Charlie and he wants to be Charlie Bucket and have the opportunity to meet Willy Wonka and he thinks its cool to live with your grandparents. I love the Charlie Bucket character because you feel the same in excitement as the character whilst reading the book and the character also appeals to young and old.

    22. Reita Spilsbury says:

      My favorite character is Charlie’s grandfather. The excitement he feels and the pain and discomfort he overcomes to accompany Charlie on his wonderful adventure shows perseverance.

    23. Dougie Walkden says:

      My favourite is Willy Wonka because he is very clever and kind.

    24. Tracey Peach says:

      My Favourite character Is Charlie Because I Love Seeing How Happy He Is When Finding the Golden Ticket & When Going Round The Chocolate Factory