NNFN – a month in review

nnfnfedted300pxToday is the final day of National Non-Fiction November – a month which we hope has seen you learn lots about the wealth and diversity of great non-fiction for children and young people.

This week was a busy week:-

  • Non-fiction author Juliet Clare Bell wrote about sharing the creative non-fiction love – a tale of chocolate, passion, determination and joy (and that’s just the writing of it…) on the SCBWI blog, Words and Pictures.
  • Laurence Rickard, one of the stars of the hit TV series Horrible Histories shared his favourite non-fiction reads as a child over on Library Mice’s blog.
  • A round up of Brilliant Books for Wild Things appeared over on Project Wild Thing
  • Rhino Reads drew our attention to the fact that the line between fiction and non-fiction can be thin and often blurry in one post this week, and also took the opportunity to highlight the highly innovative non-fiction publisher PatrickGeorge.
  • Playing By The Book provocatively asked (in a personal capacity): Do we care about children’s non-fiction?
  • Thursday saw many parents, authors. reviewers and publishers sharing their favourite examples of non-fiction for children and young people on Twitter. If you search using #NNFN you’ll be able to see all the suggestions made, perhaps adding one or two to your Christmas shopping list!
  • Picture books blogger highlighted a particularly fine example of non-fiction for children: The ‘Human Body’ written by Simon Rogers, illustrated by Peter Grundy

  • Now that the month is up, we really hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about non-fiction for children and young people. Please do send any feedback about the month – what you liked, what you’d like to see more of, what other ideas you have for celebrating non-fiction – to nnfn@fcbg.org.uk

    We’re hugely grateful to everyone who has participated in National Non-Fiction November.

    Special thanks go to Hachette and Usborne for facilitating two Federation events as part of National Non-Fiction November. We’re also very grateful to Walker Books for making freely available a super activity sheet to go with Archie’s War by Marcia Williams.

    Many thanks go to all the non-fiction authors who got on board, writing articles and helping promote discussion about non-fiction for children and young people. We’re also indebted to all the organisations, bloggers and reviewers who took part this month.

    Thanks to one and all, and to all and one: Wishing you lots of interesting, engaging and enjoyable non-fiction reading!

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