NNFN: A young person’s take on non-fiction books

We really want the voices of children and young people to be at the heart of our non-fiction celebration this month; this is one reason why their input was included in our list of “100 Brilliant Non-Fiction Books for Children and Young People“.

It’s also the reason why we’re so pleased to share this video in which author Stewart Ross talks to Yr 5 Jemima about the fascination of non-fiction:

Prize-winning author Stewart Ross was inspired to write by his great-grandfather, a vast Scotsman with a spreading beard. After teaching all over the world, Stewart became a full-time author in 1989. He has written 300+ books, fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. His latest children’s non-fiction is Lonely Planet’s Unfolding Journeys series. He also writes plays, lyrics and other bits and pieces, and teaches writing in England and France. Stewart lives near Canterbury and each morning commutes ten metres to work in a large hut in the garden. www.stewartross.com

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