NNFN – your weekly round up plus Michaela Strachan’s favourite non-fiction book from childhood

nnfnfedted300pxNow we’re 3 weeks into National Non-Fiction November, we hope you’ve been having great adventures and have discovered more about non-fiction for children and young people. This week we saw:

  • reviews of great non-fiction books on the Armadillo Magazine Blog, and also on the Scottish Booktrust website.

  • Exciting news about the winner of one non-fiction award, the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize, and the books which have been shortlisted for another non-fiction award, the Educational Writers Award.

  • Book events for children interviewed Non-Fiction author Anneliese Emmans Dean about her work

  • Non-Fiction author Juliet Clare Bell talking about creative non-fiction and true story books over on Picture Book Den

  • For today’s celebration of all things non-fiction I asked the TV presenter Michaela Stachan to tell us about her favourite non-fiction book as a child. Michaela is probably best known to UK families for her work on Autumnwatch and Springwatch, as well as The Really Wild Show. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that her favourite non-fiction book as a child was ‘Born Free’ by Joy Adamson. Here’s what Michaela had to say about this important book:

    bornfree“I read the book Born Free when I was about 12 and it’s had a lasting impact. It ignited my love of Africa and my fascination for African wildlife. I adored the book, it was so exotic to me at the time. Africa, living in the bush, hand rearing lion cubs, driving around in jeeps. I wanted to be Joy Adamson. I wanted to live near Lake Naivasha in Kenya and I wanted to cuddle and bottle feed baby lions! (Funnily enough) Now I’ve fulfilled some of those dreams. I (now) live in Africa, not Kenya but Cape Town (in S.Africa,) so not quite the bush but closer than I was in Surrey (in the UK). I’ve bottle fed many lion cubs in my time on ‘The Really Wild Show’ and I’ve driven round in plenty of safari jeeps, I’ve even spent time around Lake Naivasha. I was once described as the soft underbelly of wildlife telly, well I guess having this as my all time favourite wildlife book probably endorses that!”

    Why not give some great non-fiction to a child you know today? Maybe, like Michaela, it will inspire them for life?

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