North Somerset CBG launches its own teachers’ book awards


On 31st July, North Somerset Children’s Book Group launched its own teachers’ book awards!

You can check out the website by clicking on the image below. Make sure you check out the nominations.


Sue Wilsher, founder of North Somerset CBG and organiser of the award, explains:

Our teachers’ book group has been meeting for several years now, reading and discussing children’s books that we feel we might be able to use in school. It is such a joy to explore these with like minded colleagues, thinking about how they might be used beyond the joy of sharing them as a read, looking for ways of using them to inspire children to improve their own writing, considering how they might be used across the curriculum. 
As more colleagues (support staff, librarians, governors and parents) came and  joined the group, we were constantly being told how great it was to have suggestions and ideas for different texts to take back to school. Not every teacher/ parent etc is a natural reader and the wealth of books on offer can be overwhelming… and so we developed the idea of the Teachers’ Book Award. Our aim- simply to look at some of the best that’s on offer which will support teachers, children’s learning and nurture  a love of books and reading in everyone.
Check out the website’s blog page for updates; you can also follow North Somerset CBG on Twitter.

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