NSSM Guest Post from… Fed Ted!

As this year’s National Share A Story Month comes to a end, our very own FCBG bear looks back on a month of travelling in search of interesting places to share stories in and tells us about some favourite moments …

I’ve had such an exciting month getting out and about finding lovely places to share stories. I’ve met the great and the good (and the not so great but also good), visited favourite haunts, made new discoveries, and found some great stories to share. I’ve even met a lovely new mouse friend called Maileg – I like her!


I hope you’ve been enjoying National Share-a-Story Month as much as me. Have you been to any of my special places for stories? I’ve certainly seen other people sharing stories while I was out and about.


My FCBG Exec friends have asked me what my favourite place was over the whole month. It’s so difficult to choose so I’m cheating and picking three. I have a soft spot for bluebells so I really enjoyed my day exploring the woods at the National Trust’s Grey’s Court property. I found a very cosy tree stump to read in.

Fed Ted at Grey's Court


My second choice was the farthest flung – my visit to Hadrian’s Wall – channelling my Roman ancestor Feddus Teddus for the day – though I should have asked someone to make me a toga for the occasion!

Feddus Teddus

And my third reminds me of my lovely friends in Reading Children’s Book Group. At this month’s book group we played story consequences – some of them almost made sense! It’s also where I met Maileg…

Fed Ted and Maileg

Fed Ted at May book group

The month is nearly over but I have two great adventures to come. Saturday is the Children’s Book Award ceremony, which I’m so excited about Lots and lots of lovely children from the FCBG book groups will get a chance to meet their favourite authors and illustrators and we’ll have a great party. I wonder who’s won?


Then on Sunday I begin my annual pilgrimage to the Hay Festival – so three days of finding special places for stories there to end the month in style.


Keep an eye on my very own hashtag on Twitter #FedTed to see what I get up to. If you’re going to be at the awards ceremony or Hay do come and say hello!


After that it will be back to normal – not sure where I’ll pop up next, but you can be sure I’ll be visiting at least one of the Jean Russell Storyteller events in June.



Fed Ted


Many thanks to Sarah Stuffins for chaperoning Fed Ted!

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