OCBG and the World Story Sack Day 2018

The OCBG always marks World Book day in a special way. For the last three years, we have donated sets of story books to local Hospitals and Children’s Hospices in Oxford and Banbury. Last year, however, we decided to make and donate 20 Story Sacks to the Children’s Hospital School, at the John Radcliffe Hospital, to mark World Book day.

Having seen Story Sacks in action in a wide range of settings, I still get a great deal of joy to see how excited children are to open the Story sack. They love peering inside the sack to see what treasures it contains. They always find a story book, together with a non-fiction book, characters or scenes from the story, games, toys and puzzles. All these props are designed to bring the story to life and give children ways to retell and re-enact the story. Our hope is that these Sacks will give sick children hours of entertainment and educational fun, during their time in hospital.

Certainly, the Hospital feedback has been very encouraging:

We are so grateful  to receive these incredible story sacks made by the Oxford Children’s Book Group who have been tirelessly putting together the story sacks for months.

At the children’s hospital, we often teach children by their bedside. It is very important that anything we take to the children can be wiped down to reduce the risk of infection and one of the lovely things about these story sacks is that everything included can be wiped down, ready for the next child to investigate and enjoy.

This resource is one that will be shared amongst the Children’s wards, as well as with the excellent play specialists to ensure that every child has access to the fabulous stories.

We are most grateful to the OCBG for dedicating time to making these story sacks for our children. They will be shared and enjoyed for many years to come.’

“Please do pass on our thanks to all the group who have clearly put so much effort and thought into the wonderful story sacks. They will bring much pleasure to hundreds of young patients.”

“Thanks again for all the excellent story sacks you have provided for OHS, which are presently a great teaching resource at the JR.”

Thanks to comments like these, the OCBG promised to create more Story sacks and, indeed, have managed to produce another 20 which we will present to the Hospital School on March 16th.

Last week, one of the Hospital school teachers wrote: As you know, the teachers and young people have loved using the sacks and are delighted to know that more are on their way.”

This year, our latest Story Sacks have been funded by a local school (Oxford High Juniors) who raised money to support the project, and who devoted their own World Book day, on March 1st, to enjoying, evaluating and designing Story Sacks, with Bill Laar, one of our OCBG members.

Neil Griffiths, the original creator of Story Sacks, is very pleased his idea is proving so useful in the Hospital School. He has agreed to come to Oxford to celebrate the OCBG’s Silver anniversary on May 5th, at the Story Museum. For more details, please see below.

Making Story sacks could be a project which other CBGs might like to emulate, to support Family Centres, hospitals and schools. To find out more, please get in touch with jh@wordscapesint.co.uk. You may also like to visit the Story Sacks website, where commercially produced sacks are displayed. 

Special Events in Oxford: a date for the Diary!

21st April 2018 Kennington Literary Festival
10.15-1.45 at Kennington Library. OX1 5PG.
OCBG will provide family activities at the Kennington Literary Festival, which will feature Korky Paul and his latest Winnie and Wilbur books.

May 5th 2018. 25th and 50th Party! A Gold and Silver Birthday Party for OxFedTed
To celebrate the FCBG’s Golden Anniversary and OCBG’s Silver Anniversary, we are holding a special Gold and Silver Birthday Party for OxFedTed, at the Story Museum in Oxford, from 2-4pm, on May 5th. If you have not yet visited this extraordinary Museum, come along and join in with the party atmosphere! Enjoy golden and silvery stories, crafts and activities.

We are thrilled that we will have several talks and readings from special guests, Neil Griffiths, the original creator of Story Sacks, and Children’s Poet, John Foster, and many other local authors and artists….

Everyone welcome! (Standard Museum entry applies, but the event is free to OCBG members).

For more information, please contact Jackie Holderness: jh@wordscapesint.co.uk


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