Oi Dog by Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field

Today, a guest blogpost on the Children’s Book Award from Kes Gray and Jim Field. They have been shortlisted for Oi Dog in the Books for Younger Children category, and here give a taster for their rhyming picture book series.






Kes Gray: I tend to leave the blogging to Jim, but here is my own short introduction to Oi Dog! series to get you in the mood…

Oi you! Yes YOU!
Ever had splinters in your bottom? Then try sitting on a log!
It’s alright for cats. Cat can sit on mats.
It’s alright for dogs. Dogs can sit on frogs.
But it isn’t alright for FROGS!!
It’s nobbly…
It’s uncomfortable…
It’s time to change the rules.




Jim Field:

Oi Dog! is the first sequel picture book I have illustrated and in fact it’s the first sequel for Kes too.
I was pretty apprehensive to the idea at first: would making a picture book sequel be a bit like the difficult second album for a band?

On a sunny Eurostar train journey back to Paris in September 2015, with a bonus rare free seat next to me, armed with Kes and Claire’s manuscript, a moleskin sketchbook, a pencil and a tasteless cup of coffee, I was ready to start thumb-nailing Oi Dog! By the time the train pulled into Gard du Nord, I had a pretty much thumb-nailed the whole picture book. It obviously helped that the main characters were already designed, as was the tone and style of the book from Oi Frog!

I was keen for Frog to have some comedy concertina legs after being squashed by Dog, like something from a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

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