Red House seeks talented young writers (aged 7-17) for 2013 Yearbook!

Do you know a budding writer, poet, or journalist aged between 7 and 17?

If so, the Red House Young Writer’s Yearbook needs YOU…

Red House are looking for aspiring young writers from around the country to enter the 2013 Red House Young Writers’ Yearbook competition and win the chance to see their stories or poems published in a stunningly produced and designed book.

To enter the competition, children should be aged between 7 and 17. They can submit a story, poem or article and it’s up to the individual what subject they choose to write about. This year the competition entries will be divided into four age categories: 7+, 9+, 11+ and 13+.

The deadline is 31st July 2013.

As well as becoming a published author, the winners will also earn the opportunity to attend a Red House Young Writers’ Workshop, with a high-profile children’s author, held – for the first time ever- as part of the celebrated Imagine Children’s Festival at London’s Southbank Centre. The workshop will provide participants with a unique, fun and stimulating opportunity to help them hone their skills and provide lots of feedback to encourage and inspire!

Matt Whyman, author of Gold Strike and The Savages says:

The Red House Young Writer’s Yearbook aims to showcase young talent in the raw. It provides a platform for new writers as they get to grips with their craft, and offers a huge boost to their confidence in seeing their work in print for the very first time. Now with a series of workshops for the contributors, to be held at the Imagine Children’s Festival, it’s time to put your stories and poems into words and just see where it takes you.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to edit the Yearbook over the last eight years, and see young writers starting out on their journey. Who knows? Some may go on to become literary legends, but even for those who choose other pathways this is a unique opportunity to find their voice and express themselves clearly and creatively – an essential skill for life.

And Joe, a previous winner, says:

On learning he was a winner: ‘I felt really pleased and totally amazed that my story was going to be put in a real book, like a proper writer.

On seeing his story in the book: ‘I kept thinking: people are going to read my story. It was an overwhelming feeling and I felt like I was going to burst with pride when the book arrived in the post!

On the impact it’s had on him: ‘It’s given me confidence in my writing and made me want to write more stories.

So, both winners and authors get a great deal out of involvement in the Red House Young Writers competition – but you have to be in it to win it! And to enter simply email your piece of work along with your name, email address, date of birth, age range (7+, 9+, 11+, 13+), your parent/guardian email address and your address to, with a subject of “Red House Young Writers’ Yearbook 2013 Competition”.

For more information please contact Dominic Kingston –


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