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Scoop is an exciting new monthly print magazine for 8-12 year-olds. Read on to find out more about Scoop’s origins and aims from founder and publisher, Clementine Macmillan-Scott AND if you would like to buy an individual subscription please call 01795 412 895 and mention the code FCBG to get £5 off the annual subscription price of £39.99. For school subscription rates, please visit

Scoop came about as an idea nearly two years ago, says Clementine. I was researching a book for my mother who is a social historian. She wanted to know more about childhood in the 1930’s so I went to the Colindale Newspaper Library and came across The Children’s Newspaper. Now I know that this was not, in fact, exactly the most exciting publication; people who remember receiving it as children have told me about how they actually dreaded it. Not enough colour, no comics…But when I saw it I was struck by the way Arthur Mee, the Editor, was not talking down to his readers. He respected them and wanted them to read about stories they might not otherwise be exposed to. One in particular stood out, which was the story of children who lived on the Regents Canal, how they were schooled, where they played, what they ate. The newspaper ran until 1965 when it was merged with Look and Learn and at its peak it sold 500,000 copies a week.

Reading it made me wonder what was out there for children right now so I started to carry out some research. I immediately saw that the newsstands were full of heavily branded, gender-specific magazines. A closer look revealed that there are more in-depth magazines out there for children and also some newspapers and current affairs magazines. I decided I wanted to create a children’s publication of quality, without dumbing down. At this stage I wasn’t sure whether it would be a newspaper or a magazine or how often it would be published. But I knew it had to have fantastic writing and illustration. After creating a few dummy issues and talking to hundreds of children, teachers, parents, literacy leaders, authors and illustrators, it was clear that there was an interesting gap in the market. This would be a magazine rather than a newspaper so that we could publish monthly content that was of a quality otherwise impossible, or very challenging, in a weekly magazine. This magazine would not only publish articles and non-fiction pieces but fiction too, as we are clearly living in a ‘golden age of children’s literature’, and long may it reign. We would publish in print because the print market for children is growing and there is so much research to show that children want to hold and collect printed objects.

Now Scoop is out in the world, I can say with confidence that its’ pages have been designed as a publication of quality, something to follow on in the tradition of the Puffin Post and Look & Learn, both of which responded to, and published their readers’ thoughts and contributions. Scoop has been conceived and will aim to be as inclusive as possible, it is in no way gender specific and the pages showcase as many different types of story as possible in order to encourage less confident readers to find their way into a story. Scoop is all about talking up to children with respect and intelligence. We recognise that children of today are sophisticated from a design perspective, they are exposed to so much on the internet and the incredible array of books and magazines on the shelves. With this understanding we have designed each forty-page issue to be packed with everything from graphic and prose fiction, to articles on science and history, to jokes, puzzles and competitions.  All of this writing and illustration is being created by some of the leading names and figures in the world of children’s literature and culture.  Scoop is filling a gap in the market which allows teachers as well as parents to have conversations with their children about what they find in these interesting, entertaining and inspiring.

In the last six months we have been gathering together a fantastic team without whom Scoop might not be getting off the ground. Sarah Odedina is our fantastic editor (Bloomsbury, Hot Key) and we have a wonderful marketing director in Joanne Owen who is an author in her own right. We also have a brilliant design team and now an incredible host of writers and illustrators including Catherine Johnson, Neil Gaiman, Toby Leigh, Lauren St John, Lucy Coats, Piers Torday, John Agard, Laura Dockrill, Chris Priestley, Philip Womack, Emerald Fennell and Tom Stoppard.

If you would like to buy an individual subscription please call 01795 412 895 and mention the code FCBG to get £5 off the annual subscription price of £39.99. For school subscription rates, please visit

We also want readers to be part of Scoop, and so we’re running a variety of creative competitions that offer young people the chance to be published in the magazine. They can get involved right now by visiting 

Clementine Macmillan-Scott, Scoop Founder and Publisher   Twitter: @scoop_the_mag  Instagram: @scoopmag

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