The Wood of Words Launches

twitter-logo-wowThe Wood of Words is a new reading development website aimed at engaging children in exciting and engaging reading development opportunities. In order that children have access to this at all the key points in their family, educational and recreational lives, there are three distinct offers, one aimed at families, one aimed at schools and the other aimed at libraries.

The sites centre around an open access hub. Research and consultation carried out by the Wood of Words team found that many teachers and librarians found accessing publisher created book content – activities, video interviews and reading group guides – difficult and time consuming. The site aggregates content in its free to access hub, creating the perfect opportunity to promote the sharing of the best books for children.

The school site is built squarely around helping provide teachers with the resources they need to promote reading for pleasure in their classroom, building cross-disciplinary learning opportunities around carefully chosen core texts.

The libraries site, provides materials suitable for holiday activities or for children’s reading group sessions, helping staff by taking some of the planning and preparation out of these sessions.

The family site gives access to a magazine which equips parents with expert guidance on sharing books and making reading fun. The magazine features behind-the-scenes interviews and features on some of the best books – contemporary and classic – for children. As well as providing creative reading opportunities, the site also promotes creative writing, with special writing activities and professional tips and guidance. In the libraries and families sites, children have access to their own ‘gallery’ where they can create a portfolio of their writing, the best of which is highlighted by the Wood of Words team and promoted across the site as a whole.

wow-animalsThe Wood of Words is the place to grow a love of the written word. You can view the website at; follow our adventure at or join us on For further information please email the team at

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