Thinking about attending the FCBG conference?

conferencelogoThere’s just over a month to go till the FCBG annual conference, a weekend of author and illustrator talks and workshops aimed at anyone with an interest in children’s books, whether you’re a parent, teacher, librarian, or anyone who would like to socialise with lots of others who are passionate about inspiring children to read. There’s still (just) time to book your place at the conference (book closes March 10), but if there are any doubts about signing up for this amazing weekend, perhaps today’s blog (and a couple more to follow) will help persuade you – we’d love to see you at conference.

Susan Wilsher is a primary school teacher, and founder of North Somerset Children’s Book Group. Below she shares with us some of her thoughts on last year’s conference:

“‘Inspire’ is an excellent title for a Federation Conference. As teachers , as librarians, as parents, one of the greatest and most rewarding things we do is to inspire our children. This is often a challenge; however, one of the best ways to inspire others is to be inspired yourself. And that’s where the Federation Conference is so important!

Last year, four members of the North Somerset group set off to Worth Abbey. We were like the Famous Five (much older and without Timmy, the dog) setting off an adventure together. On the journey, we were excited and eagerly discussed the books we had read and the authors we were particularly looking forward to seeing.

Worth Abbey itself is inspirational. Once we arrived, we wandered the grounds and enjoyed the tranquillity of our surroundings before checking in and finding our rooms. Then, we went to the Publisher’s Exhibition…

From that moment on, we were caught up in the enthusiasm of the occasion. Everywhere we went, there were lively debates, book discussions, author recommendations- inspiration everywhere! We listened to, laughed with and were inspired by a whole host of authors and illustrators. The weekend passed all too quickly.

The journey home was as lively as the journey there, but there was a distinct difference. This time we were talking about the books we were going to recommend, the events we were going to put on, the publishers we were going to contact…We were inspired to carry the message of reading for pleasure and loving books back to our children (both personal and classes!) and our colleagues, our children’s parents and anyone else who might listen.

Would I recommend a Federation Conference? Absolutely! Go; be inspired!”

If you’d like to book YOUR place at conference, you can find the booking form here. Speakers during the weekend include Sarah Crossan, Nicola Morgan, Nicola Davies, Marcia Williams, Tom Moorhouse, Neill Cameron, Kjartan Poskitt, Simon Mayle, Philip Ardagh, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Non Pratt, Alice Oseman and Lisa Williamson.

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