UCLan Publishing: A Guest Post by Hazel Holmes

UCLan Publishing

We’re a small team of highly experienced and professional book publishers with years in the trade behind them, many at the highest level including Waterstones Head Office, Penguin Random House, Bloomsbury, Macmillan and library supply. Therefore, our books are superb quality and our noses are commercial.

What we do?

UCLan Publishing is a trade, independent publisher based in Preston, Lancashire. With a focus on children’s fiction, non fiction & YA, we are continually striving to produce the very best books. We’re 100% dedicated to putting Northern Publishing on the map, and our events team work closely with libraries, local schools and other Publishers to create truly unique events. The Northern YA Literary Festival and The STEAM Children’s Book Prize to name a few!

By combining commercial publishing with our BA and MA Publishing programmes we also train the next generation of talented publishers. The students on these courses have the unique experience of helping to run the publishing house at all levels.

What’s next?

Big things are happening right now, we’re in the process of signing some very exciting authors and are always searching for some new voices to bring to the limelight. Our publishing schedule is packed for this year, here’s what we’ve got coming up:

Monsters in the Mirror by A.J. Hartley £8.99 (March, 9780995515598)
A gripping new fantasy adventure from bestselling & Carnegie nominated author. Appealing to lovers of Artemis Fowl and Mortal Engines. Mirroculist Mission, the 2nd book in the series will be publishing in November.

Blast Off to the Moon! £9.99 (June, 9781912979011)
Based on the original NASA Press Kit (Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission) this is full of exclusive never before seen content from the BIS archives. Including an introduction written by Helen Sharman, the first woman to visit the Mir Space Station!

Capturing the excitement of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, how it happened, why it happened, what the team discovered and what followed on Earth.

An accessible book for children that will inspire and encourage a love of learning about science and space.

The Harm Tree by Rose Edwards £7.99 (July, 9781912979004)
An epic fantasy set in a world still recovering from one war, and on the brink of another. The resistance is rising and dark forces stir to take back what was once theirs. Belief in the ancient gods runs strong—the sacrificial Harm Tree still stands.

Nine years ago, two princes waged a bloody civil war for the right to rule Arngard. The younger prince took the throne and outlawed the ancient beliefs, but some wounds don’t heal. New religion replaced the barbaric traditions and finally, there’s peace.

Torny and Ebba are friends. Sent away by their families, they work together and watch out for each other. Too young to remember the war that tore apart the kingdom, Torny dreams of the glorious warriors of old, while Ebba misses her family, despite the darkness she left behind.

But when a man is murdered on the street and Torny finds herself in possession of a dangerous message, the two friends must tread separate paths. These will lead them through fear, through grief, to the source of their own power and to the gates of death itself.

As Torny and Ebba are used as tools for the opposing factions of the war, a deep power is ignited in them both. Can they uncover their own strength to finally heal the wounds of a nation?

Inchtinn by Danny Weston £7.99 (October, 9781912979059)
A fantastically creepy new mystery from Danny Weston.

Noah’s emotionally detached mother insists on an adventurous trip to the remote Scottish island of Inchtinn. She’s hoping for some inspiration to write her next bestselling children’s book.

Yet adventure isn’t the only thing that awaits their arrival … Sinister beings are stirring and when things take a turn for the worse, Noah is forced to face the most unimaginable fears.

Written Stone Lane by A.J. Hartley £7.99 (October, 9781912979073)
A direct sequel to the bestselling YA/crossover novel Cold Bath Street.

RAUFFE RADCLIFFE LAID THIS STONE TO LYE FOREVER: AD 1655 so says the mysterious stone laying on Written Stone Lane.

When the stone is moved years later, murderous ghosts and ancient spectres are released. The only one that can save the world from murder and destruction is Preston Oldcorn, a 15 year old boy from the North of England, and his friends.

Written Stone Lane is a fast-paced ghost thriller that will set your heart racing until the very end.

So you can’t say we’re not dedicated to keeping your TBR piles stocked up.

We are always happy to hear from people so please do drop us a line – uclanpublishing@uclan.ac.uk

With thanks to Hazel Holmes at UCLan publishing. This is a guest post and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the FCBG. 

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