Golden National Non-Fiction November 2018

The theme we have chosen for National Non-Fiction November (NNFN) for this special 50th anniversary year is ‘Food and Festivals Around the World’.

Food is a necessary requirement for keeping healthy and, in the case of children, for growing and developing. It is also associated with celebrations and festivals around the world. Young people enjoy having the opportunity to grow their own food and to learn how to prepare food and cook for themselves, and we hope that one of the outcomes of NNFN will be the creation of some fabulous recipe books to share. We also hope that the theme will provide an opportunity for children to explore the everyday food enjoyed at home and by different cultures, in addition to finding out about the special foods associated with the festivals of the major religions.

See here for:
* Food-and-Festivals-Around-the-World-book-list
* the exciting NNFN competition for 2018
* the NNFN ideas and resources page

During the month look out for:
* a series of special guest blogs on the FCBG website
* an additional specially commissioned blog tour 
* and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @FCBGNews for more competitions and giveaways 

Many of the resources developed by Zoe Toft for NNFN in 2016 are still useful and relevant. See here for making your own non-fiction books and non-fiction based games.

Whatever you decide to do during National Non-Fiction November, the month provides a great opportunity to promote reading non-fiction for pleasure, to allow young readers to indulge in fascination for facts and to celebrate, the breadth, depth and richness of non-fiction writing, illustrating and publishing for children and young people.

With thanks to Samuel Thomas, a member of Aldbourne Children’s Book Group, for designing the NNFN 2018 banner for us.